Al Qana

Launching a brand – training a team.


The Brief:

We were employed by Al Qana, a semi-Government mixed use experiential and retail development project in Abu Dhabi, to launch their channels and set up a social strategy.


The Solution:

We worked on a building an omni-channel ecosystem of content across 6 social channels to raise consumer awareness for the project and position the brand as unique in Abu Dhabi. The social strategy was set up to give the team a solid structure and game plan to take them through to launch.



Our target audiences for this brief were varied from potential retail tenants on LinkedIn to all age groups on various channels from Instagram to YouTube.



We spent 3 solid months laying the foundation for the brand to distinguish itself as the unique brand that it was. Brand language, visual communication and channel and content strategy were all laid out giving the brand a platform to grow.


Al Qana

Our Role:
Creative Content Strategy
Digital Strategy
Content Production
AD Campaign Production
Social Media Management
Influencer Management
Newsletter Development